Current special offer:

German for women in business and studies

From Level B1 / advanced learners.

This is a special offer for women only!

While working in economics as well as in education I have accompanied many women on their professional paths. A lot of those have started their own businesses, applied for new jobs or at universities abroad. Most of them needed more than simple language training: I had the pleasure to support them in finding their voice as well as their courage to stand up for themselves. From these experiences this special offer has been created.

Make yourself a gift and book your individual 1:1 session to discuss your specific professional situation and individual current challenge! May it be your need for

  • improved expression

  • specific vocabulary

  • the work on documents, presentations or application

  • a slowly growing new business idea

  • or something utterly different

Where ever you need German language support, training and/or coaching – I will be at your side!

If this sounds great, but you are not quite sure, if this will be worth it: book your FREE individual 30 minutes with me. We will get to know each other and find out, how our joint journey can lead us!

Write me an email and let’s meet! I am looking so forward to hear YOUR story!