Learn & try new things

You enjoy your current German language training, but you are looking for MORE!

You want to use this language in your own way – to embrace it. You wish to understand „the German(s)“ more deeply, go other ways and get more insights.

Then join the German language coaching!

Join our German language coaching!

Here you‘ ll find different classes and courses that allow you to immerge into the German soul and give yourself a different, more individual approach to use German. We love to generate new formats and ideas, change classes or offer new ones. It’s always worth to have another look on this page once in while!



A. New Impulses

creative writing for learners ( From Level B1 / advanced learners)

B. Talking may be fun

conversation for learners ( From level A2/ Beginners with basic vocabulary)

C. Reading makes smart

literature for learners ( From Level B1 /advanced learners )

D. Specials

Current Special Offer: German for women in Business and studies


All classes contain 5 – 10 sessions.

Most classes can be booked for 1:1 training or in groups.

All classes are online sessions.