You need German for your job or your studies!


  • For important negotiations, presentations, emails, calls and more

  • For daily life in office or university

  • For applications for a new job or a place in university

  • For comprehension of professional or academic texts and writings

  • For test and exam preparation


We work and learn together!


  • For your broad vocabulary and professional expression in spoken and written

  • For your professional appearance in business or academic situations

  • For your optimized exam preparation

  • With your texts, presentations, projects or real-life situations

  • With your individual application (regarding written expression as well as demeanour)


Organisational facts

  • You can join individual 1:1 training, learn in pairs or chose group

  • No matter, if you are a beginner, an advanced learner or almost a professional: we offer levels from A1 – C2 an

  • We train online and find time slots that meet your schedule