My name is Silke.

Words, texts, the use of a language, my own mother tongue, but also foreign languages and their cultures have an almost magical appeal to me: languages can build bridges, but also destroy them; they can make you happy, plug your heartstrings , but can hurt you at the same time. If you can talk, you can communicate and be seen.

During my travels as well as my stays abroad I was and am blessed to meet different people, their cultures and languages – this broadens my horizons and enriches my soul again and again and again!
After exciting years in the world of international economics I am now having the pleasure to support others on their individual way by sharing my experiences and talents – as a studied economist and cultural scientist this is my perfect set up to combine linguistic, economic and educational topics in my daily work. I am teaching and accompanying people all over the world in their efforts to learn and practice the German language as well as understand the German way of living.

As individual as every learner, as diverse are the possibilities to inspire someone for a language and the corresponding country and culture.

It is always so satisfying to find out, which way is the right one for everyone and to awaken curiosity for this new world. More than once new topics arise from our work together – such as handling daily life in Germany or applying successfully for a new job, a training or studies at a German university. I am more than happy to accompany and support here as well.

It is my ambition to show individual ways to approach the German language as well as its surroundings
– with inspiration, fun and focus!
I love what I do and am looking forward to meeting you on screen!

Let’s get inspired together!